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COLSA’s PEO STRI Digital Integration Lab (DIL) Welcomes Mitch Ward

In Orlando, you will find COLSA’s PEO STRI Digital Integration Lab (DIL). Within the DIL resides the Simulation to Mission Command Interoperability (SIMCI) team, and that is where you will find Mitch Ward. Mitch, who has a background in Army tactical command and control systems, provides engineering support to the SIMCI team. More specifically, his role includes advising “on the interoperability between simulation systems and Mission Command systems, identifying gaps between simulation systems and Army tactical systems and recommending solutions to interoperability challenges.” With his over 20 years of experience in DoD C4I systems within virtual environments, he is a true asset to our team!

Like many others, Mitch’s love for engineering and his team was apparent throughout his interview. When asked if he had a favorite project he has worked on with COLSA, he told us that he has no favorites and enjoys all of his work equally. Although he enjoys many of his projects, being an engineer in 2023 is not without its challenges. As the technology around us continues to rapidly advance, Mitch mentioned that keeping up with this change has been a challenge for him. With a focus on finding a solution to this challenge, Mitch discovered an answer: YouTube! This solution also plays into Mitch’s best piece of advice, “Always stay in control of your environment.” To navigate the rapidly evolving and complex world of technology, it’s crucial to maintain notes and continuously educate yourself to remain in control. We can see evidence of Mitch’s adaptability through his commitment to continue to lead and support the SIMCI team!