City Spotlight: Huntsville Alabama

This blog is part of a series showcasing cities where COLSA operates and where our family of professionals live, work, and play! Known as “the Rocket City” for its pivotal role in space explorati...

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COLSA’s Colorado Springs Location Gains a New Regional Manager, Gregg Walsh

We like to say, “Our national presence means we can be there when you need us.” People like Gregg make that possible.  Gregg Walsh joined our team as the Regional Operations Manager in Colorado Springs. He’s go...

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COLSA Welcomes New Director of Joint Venture Operations

COLSA recently welcomed Eric Briggs as the new Director of Joint Venture Operations. His background includes operations and technical leadership with a keen focus on business strategy and growth. Eric brings a ...

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Carly Alcala Joins the COLSA Team as New Corporate Communications Manager

As the 2024 year begins, COLSA is committed to pursuing a new year full of possibilities in all areas of the company, and this includes welcoming new team members to COLSA. Carly Alcala joined our Communication...

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Employees of the Year

At COLSA, we deeply value the contributions of our employees and take great pride in fostering an environment that encourages excellence and innovation. It is with great pleasure that we recognize and commend f...

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New Chief Information Officer- Joe Bennett

We are thrilled to announce a momentous occasion at COLSA as we proudly promote Joe Bennett to the esteemed position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) within our organization. Joe’s dedication, expertise...

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COLSA’s PEO STRI Digital Integration Lab (DIL) Welcomes Mitch Ward

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Employee Spotlight: Christopher Breitbach

Christopher Breitbach, a U.S. Army Veteran, has been a dedicated supporter of the Blue Force Tracking AVN (BFT-A) for more than two decades. While he may not have been a part of COLSA for the entire duration of...

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Employee Spotlight: Ray Sellers

Ray Sellers boasts an impressive three-decade-long career in the defense industry. His journey commenced as an Army Civilian Test Engineer supporting the Joint Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle PMO. As he advanced ...

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Employee Spotlight: Mike Dove

After a distinguished 28-year career in the Army, Mike Dove transitioned into retirement. His search for a company that embraced the principles of unit integrity and offered a culture akin to what he highly est...