data science


Data Science

Maintaining a competitive advantage in business and on the battlefield requires decisions be made faster than ever and with greater precision and reliability. Information is required at mission speed. Facing an ever-increasing amount of data in a complex, connected world where human-machine interaction is the norm presents challenges from task saturation and sub-optimized performance to new risks in autonomous operations, all of which can erode an organization’s capabilities and undermine its potential.

Driving innovative solutions leveraging the power of intelligent automation technologies delivers information at mission speed.

Intelligent Automation

From autonomous systems and machine augmentation to decision support systems, intelligent automation technologies unleash the opportunities through which high-impact solutions can come.  For an organization, this means that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, freeing the human to do what the human does best–be creative and making decisions.  From simple rule-base scripts and automation of basic tasks, to event classification and prediction using ensembles of ML models and analytic approaches based on inputs and feedback loops, the potential for increased capability and efficiencies is nearly limitless.

Advanced Analytics

Capitalizing on ever-increasing advances in compute power, algorithms, and tools along with the universal proliferation of sensors and other data collection methods, advanced analytics ensures that the right information is available at the right time to support critical decisions.  From deep and insightful metrics to performance prediction approaching the human ability to make quick “intuitive” decisions, advances in analytics are essential to mission and operational success.

Knowledge Management

Leveraging advances in technology and analytics, organizations can now automate the discovery of their most valuable existing data and combine it in novel ways with new data streams using advanced analytics and visualization technologies in order to optimize decision-making.

Data Management

Data underlies advancements in better, faster decision making. Managing larger volumes and varieties of data at increasing rates has never been so critical to mission success, and this challenge will only grow. Understanding how to best acquire, ingest, store, share, and engineer your data across platforms and domains is a critical component of realizing an organization’s full potential.