Innovative solutions that leverage the power of Artificial Neural Networks, Intelligent Automation, and other technologies to deliver trusted data-driven decision support at mission speed.

Information is Required at Mission Speed.

Maintaining a competitive advantage in business and on the battlefield requires decisions be made faster than ever and with greater precision and reliability. Information is required at mission speed. Facing an ever-increasing amount of data in a complex, connected world where human-machine interaction is the norm presents challenges from task saturation and sub-optimized performance to new risks in autonomous operations, all of which can erode an organization’s capabilities and undermine its potential.

Extracting actionable information in a sea of noise at pace to drive real time decision making.

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Information density prevents users from interacting with big data in meaningful ways. Knowledge discovery processes helps users find useful information that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our comprehensive set of software leveraging NLP techniques, data visualization, and multi lingual features provide analysts the tools they need to make decisions faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

  • Semantic Analysis
  • Multi-Language Capability
  • Cross Language Relationships
  • Entity Detection and Recognition
  • Topic Categorization
  • Relationship Extraction
  • Event Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Knowledge Graph Representation
  • High Density Data Visualization

Drawing Hidden Insights from Multiple Sources and Types of Data.

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Combining structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and sensors using novel approaches can reveal otherwise undetectable insights hidden within your data. The integration of natural language processing, computer vision, geospatial/temporal data, and more enables discovery of trends and relationships that would otherwise go undetected and may mean the difference between mission failure or success.

  • Correlate text, imagery, geospatial data, and more
  • Detect hidden trends across disparate data
  • Cross-domain event detection and prediction
  • Edge processing allows correlation at the source
  • Autonomous platform decision making through ML

Discovery and Exploitation of Threat Entities, Communities, and Networks at Mission Speed and Scale.

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The discovery, management, and exploitation of threat entities and hidden networks is critical in the age of information warfare. The ability to do this at mission speed and at scale is essential. Delivering actionable information is the outcome. Our information warfare options cover the gamut of social media interactions: From automatic characterization of sentiment to image analysis and logo detection, we have the capabilities to track hostile elements easier than ever before.

  • Maintaining awareness of entities, communities and networks
  • Network Discovery and Classification
  • Discovery and exploitation of threat networks
  • Entity Detection
  • ID and Profile threat actors
  • Social Network & Pattern of Life Analysis
  • Influencer Detection
  • Multi-Source Analysis
  • Detection of Radicalization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Deep Fake Analysis

Harness the flow of data by processing at the source of the data to minimize “data waste,” optimizing data management and analysis

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Constant incoming streams of large-scale data prevents effective use of all of the information available; much of it ends up on the cutting room floor. Advances in tactical-edge hardware, optimized modeling, and streaming analytic techniques help manage the flood of data and put more of it to use, providing more reliable information at mission speed to support faster decision making with confidence.

  • Containerization of trained models pushed to edge devices
  • Preprocessing of multiple modalities and sources of incoming data
  • Distributed, versatile, scalable architecture

Collect, Identify, and Automate processes and decision making using intelligent analytics powered by AI to bring down cost and raise productivity.

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From information to actions, Intelligent Automation harnesses the power of AI to speed up decision making. Facilitating human-computer interactions allow users to elevate themselves above the tedious work and into the mission. This fusion creates a powerful dynamic that reduces users’ cognitive load allowing for better, faster, and more concrete actions.

  • Identify problematic processes
  • Utilize Machine Learning and AI to speed up workflow decisions
  • Elevate users’ interactions into the decision space
  • Multimedia Source Analytics
  • Data Fusion for full-picture scope
  • Relationship discovery facilitates decision making

COLSA Data Analysis & Computational Sciences (DACS) Lab

Within the COLSA Data Analysis & Computational Sciences (DACS) Lab, we focus on the art of the possible in Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI. Innovation backed with experience armed with raw computational power to see ideas through.

Continuously research and evaluate emerging technologies in a hands-on lab environment to ensure we deliver cutting edge solutions.
Innovate with a diverse team of software developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists to produce the highest quality results.
Utilize the latest tools of the trade for rapid development and iteration of solutions.