Dreams are Made and Skills Established Through COLSA Internship Program

At COLSA, we believe that the future begins with our choices today. Mentorship is a cherished and longstanding core principle of our work toward the world of tomorrow.

COLSA interns enjoy Maggie Moo’s ice cream, despite the drizzly weather. June, 2020.

Each summer, our interns are invited to learn vital skills in a real-world environment. Throughout the program, interns work hands-on with our supportive team of professionals to develop the interest, knowledge, and office skills necessary for their brightest futures.

Witnessing a day in the life of their chosen profession gives our interns a glimpse into their aspirations and provides them with a framework toward their goals. Learning happens at an accelerated pace, allowing the interns to apply their coursework in the real world.

Machine learning and data science, software engineering technology and tools, leading principles in cybersecurity, even the social skills that make teamwork possible—our interns receive unique experiences in their disciplines and dreams. 

At COLSA, our team of interns work together and with our seasoned professionals to forge friendships and create contacts that will last them a lifetime. We value our young interns just as much as our experienced leaders and employees and want them to feel welcome in a professional environment. We’ve dedicated the last 40 years to uplifting mentorship, integrity, teamwork, and the highest ethical considerations for all that we do.  Our internship program is an opportunity for us to pass our knowledge and expertise along to the next generation.  A helping hand for our interns is a helping hand to future—the future that they will go on to shape and define.