Talent Acquisition

COLSA in Dayton, OH – The Birthplace of Aviation

Developing innovative advancements is one of our central values at COLSA. Few places exemplify this mission more than our Dayton, Ohio, offices located mere miles from the birthplace of powered aviation.

In 1903, the Wright brothers chose Dayton as their thought incubator and testing site for early powered flights. That same history of technological revolution drives COLSA’s core mission in both civilian and military applications in Dayton today.

Also called the “gem city” for its many hidden qualities and booming cultural scene, Dayton is quickly becoming a place to raise a family or start a home. With nearly the lowest cost of living in the nation, world-class hospitals and museums, great food, and abundant natural splendors, prime opportunities abound in Dayton.

Just as we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective, value-added solutions and analytics, starting or continuing your career with COLSA in Dayton can add value across the board. Housing costs in Dayton are significantly less than the national average, and the climate remains mild yearlong.

COLSA employees can stroll the National Museum of the US Air Force for inspiration and insights into modern aviation software engineering and data science. Parents and kids can take in a show at The Victoria Theatre—one of the best theaters in Ohio offering family-friendly shows year-round. And for the adventurous, the Miami Valley region in Dayton offers 340 miles of paved meadow and forest trails—the largest trail network of its kind in the nation.

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for a change, or hoping to find a great place to start a family, COLSA’s offices in Dayton offer the perfect launching pad for the rest of your professional and personal life.

At COLSA, people are our most valuable resource. Therefore, we promote work-life balance so our employees can make the most of their cities and strengthen bonds with their families and friends.