Employee of the Year

Employees of the Year

An employee of the year award is a prestigious title that we bestow upon an employee to highlight their exceptional work and contributions to the company. Recently, we were able to distribute this award to some...

Jay Sebastian
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Jay Sebastian: CompTIA Subject Matter Expert

To compile a list of subjects that encompasses the Data Science field would be a great feat indeed. According to Amazon Web Services, Data Science is defined as “the study of data to extract meaningful insights...

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Why COLSA Wednesday: Extended- Morgan Garris

Prior to COLSA, Morgan Garris was in college pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management. While in school, she had the opportunity to intern with COLSA. It was...

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Why COLSA Wednesday

 Why COLSA Wednesday was created to show the potential new hire, customer, or everyday person who COLSA is on the inside. Read on to hear from Ryan Shu, Samantha Virray, and Morgan Garris about why they ch...

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National Computer Security Day

The evolution of computers over the past couple of decades is a stark one. We now utilize computers to do everything from research to staying connected. Considering that, many of us use our computers for very p...

Copy of Why Huntsville
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Why live in Huntsville?

Which city was recently recognized as the Best Place to Live in the United States? It wasn’t New York or somewhere in Silicone Valley. Instead, US News & World Report chose Huntsville, Alabama. Hun...

COLSA Department Spotlight
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Department Spotlight: Proposals

The federal government spends billions of dollars to acquire services and products. To do this, the Department of Defense relies on contractors to provide the U.S. military with a wide variety of these services...