Business Development Culture

Employees of the Year

At COLSA, we deeply value the contributions of our employees and take great pride in fostering an environment that encourages excellence and innovation. It is with great pleasure that we recognize and commend four outstanding individuals within our organization who have consistently exceeded expectations and demonstrated exemplary performance in their respective roles. These individuals not only exemplify the core values of COLSA but also serve as inspirational leaders, setting a high standard for their peers and contributing significantly to our collective success. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have not only propelled them to personal success but have also paved the way for new achievements and successes within our organization.

Thomas Gillette, nominated for Engineer of the Year, stands out as a highly esteemed Software Engineer pivotal to the success of the 46th Test Squadron (46 TS), Datalinks Test Flight (DTF) under the TMAS2 contract. In this role, Thomas plays a crucial part in the creation, development, and maintenance of tactical datalinks software applications, which are integral to the capture, processing, and analysis of datalinks test data. His unyielding motivation and initiative shine through, as he consistently meets and exceeds the challenges presented by his customers, providing innovative solutions to complex technical problems. Beyond his primary responsibilities, Thomas has made invaluable contributions to COLSA’s Business and Proposal team, showcasing the company’s proficiency in advanced modeling and simulation analysis. A dedicated, focused, and highly capable member of the COLSA team, Thomas exemplifies excellence, making him a deserving recipient of the 2023 Engineer of the Year award. Thomas states, “Thank you to Scot Crookshanks, Scott Mills and special thanks to Louis McCloud for putting me in for this award. The 46th Test Squadron is the most challenging and rewarding place I’ve worked at in the past 28+ years. There are always new and interesting projects in preparation or under actual test execution in our labs and our squadron’s mission reach is growing larger each month! The technologies we use in our labs are impactful, affect both test and real-world capabilities and in-the-end directly support the US warfighter.”

Mason Morland, nominated for Employee of the Year, has distinguished himself as a Subject Matter Expert, providing unparalleled technical expertise and operational support, sustainment, training, and system modifications for one of COLSA’s most significant contracts. Mason consistently proves to be an indispensable asset to our team, surpassing expectations in every aspect of his role. His exceptional technical acumen and meticulous attention to detail are evident in the comprehensive technical reports he produces, ensuring accountability and clarity across all his projects. Mason’s contributions directly enhance COLSA’s standing in the industry, leading to his appointment as the Systems Engineering lead for the team, guiding them towards further success in the program. His efforts have not only advanced COLSA’s capabilities but also positioned the company for future challenges, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner and a key player in the industry. Mason says, “While I am humbled by this distinction, I believe the true measure of success lies in the meaningful impact we create. My sincere thanks for this recognition.” Mason’s tips for success are read the Field Manuals, inspect what you expect, be aggressively humble, know when you’re right and be prepared to prove it, and know when you’re wrong and admit it… even if you’re just mistaken.

Scott Lynch has been recognized as the 2023 COLSA Program Manager of the Year, marking a distinguished 32-year tenure with the company. Over the course of his extensive career, Scott has successfully managed numerous intricate engineering and network projects, assuming various levels of responsibility. His wealth of experience encompasses planning, designing, developing, integrating, and overseeing large-scale computer test labs. In his current role as Program Manager for the MSIC (Missile & Space Intel Center) contract since July 2023, Scott seamlessly transitioned into the position, swiftly establishing rapport, and prioritizing key initiatives. Demonstrating a commitment to team fortification, he goes above and beyond to retain highly skilled employees that ensure his team will meet and exceed expectations. With a robust industry background, Scott emerges as a trusted, dependable, and seasoned Program Manager, equipped with both technical acumen and leadership qualities. Executive Management can confidently rely on his expertise to navigate and successfully complete even the most technical and complex projects. Scott says “I was very surprised and honored to receive COLSA’s 2023 Manager of the Year award. It was very humbling to hear all of the kind words from my peers and senior management. As stated in my acceptance, I made it clear that I owed all of my past successes to my support managers and staff and will definitely continue to lean heavily on them in my future endeavors”.

Ian Bragg stands out as the Scientist of the Year, currently serving as the technical lead for the Bounty Hunter Machine Learning task. His exceptional ability to shoulder multiple responsibilities demonstrates not only his adaptability but also his prowess in accomplishing diverse tasks. Ian’s impactful contributions to COLSA include the implementation of a cutting-edge lab infrastructure supporting machine learning research and development, adept management of sprint planning and execution, and the production of various deliverables such as status reports, point papers, and documentation. Enthusiastically engaging in business development and proposal efforts, Ian excels at collaboration across multiple divisions within COLSA. His instrumental role in coordinating with IT has played a crucial part in elevating and maturing the Data Science Lab infrastructure. Ian’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his completion of one of the most challenging graduate programs in the field, Georgia Tech’s Online MS in Computer Science, specializing in Computational Perception and Robotics. Looking ahead, Ian is set to embark on a new academic journey, commencing Purdue University’s Doctor of Technology program in the spring. As we celebrate their accomplishments, we are reminded of the exceptional talent and commitment that defines the culture at COLSA, and we look forward to continued collaboration and success with these exemplary individuals at the forefront of our team.