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Employee Spotlight: Mike Dove

After a distinguished 28-year career in the Army, Mike Dove transitioned into retirement. His search for a company that embraced the principles of unit integrity and offered a culture akin to what he highly esteemed during his military service led him on a quest for a fulfilling career where he could apply those principles. While he was familiar with COLSA through his wife’s longstanding association with the company, after exploring opportunities elsewhere, he ultimately decided to submit his application here.

Mike Dove

Mike exercised careful discernment in his job search, placing a premium on finding a workplace that exuded a sense of family-like camaraderie. Recognizing COLSA’s reputation for fostering such a culture, he readily accepted a job offer when extended. In joining COLSA, Dove discovered the same unit integrity and familial environment he cherished, as he now serves as the Program Manager for the Tech Management contract and plays an active role in Business Development. However, what truly fuels Mike’s dedication is the unequivocal understanding that every action he takes at COLSA directly contributes to supporting our soldiers, imbuing his work with a profound sense of purpose.

When inquired about his favorite project during his tenure at the company and the reasons behind his choice, Mike fondly recalls the collaborative experience he shared with our Vice President of Community Affairs, Tom Economy, and Senior Program Manager, Michael Theodoss. Together, they embarked on a project that revealed the extent of digital engineering initiatives within COLSA. Reflecting on his extensive project portfolio throughout his COLSA career, Mike underscores that he has gleaned a wealth of knowledge regarding Business Development, Capture, Proposal processes, and a plethora of new industry terminology. For aspiring professionals embarking on their careers, Mike imparts valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of an insatiable appetite for learning: “Don’t be afraid to learn. Continue reading and researching, learn something new every day. Ask questions.”

In addition to his professional contributions at COLSA, Mike holds a deep appreciation for the company’s unwavering support for its employees and their families. He underscores that the notion of being a “Family of Professionals” is not merely a slogan displayed on banners but is palpably genuine, saying, “It’s real, and you see it every day here at COLSA.”