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Defining Tomorrow – COLSA Data Scientists Employee Spotlight

“Data is the new gold, and data science is the new gold rush.”

Aaron Elliot, COLSA Senior Data Scientist

In business as on the battlefield, information is required at mission speed. Data is the currency of knowledge in the modern world where human-machine interaction drives innovative solutions and vital decision support. COLSA’s Data, Analytical, and Computational Sciences (DACS) Lab combines artificial neural networks and intelligent automation with dedicated professionals looking to advance a rapidly evolving field. From knowledge discovery to multi-source fusion, edge computing to intelligent warfare, data science is redefining the competitive edge on the battlefield and in the boardroom.

Profile photo of Alexis Godwin
Alexis Godwin, Data Scientist
COLSA, Huntsville, AL

Data scientists Aaron Elliott and Alexis Godwin at COLSA’s Huntsville office are leading the way in the application of emerging and disruptive technologies to a broad range of customer mission needs.  Data science as a rapidly evolving discipline will continue to shape the future more and more as technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) permeate our world.  Elliott notes that “As data continues to exponentially permeate our cultures and societies, and computational capabilities continue to expand as Moore’s Law predicts, the chances to find more and more complex patterns expands.”

“The breadth of the work at COLSA is wide and continues to expand,” Godwin says. “This allows all of us to continue to adapt and learn how to excel in many focus areas.” Adaptability is key when working with the newest technologies and ideas. Rethinking the value of data—what it reveals and what it predicts—can have sweeping advantages in both civilian and military solutions.

“The ability to adapt to different industries/research foci will be increasingly important,” Godwin elaborates. “Data scientists with the skillset to work on projects involving various domains will be highly valued.”

Profile photo of Aaron Elliot
Aaron Elliot, Senior Data Scientist
COLSA, Huntsville, AL

As with any new endeavor and technological discipline, more and more experts are needed to help the booming industry expand.  As Elliott puts it, “Data is the new gold, and data science is the new gold rush.”

Both Elliott and Godwin find a supportive theater for their newest art at COLSA. “Collaboration is a huge help. Communication at all levels, not just with my direct coworkers, helps with making sure I am getting support all the way from the top down,” notes Godwin.

Elliott, who joined COLSA in April, agrees with his co-worker about the company culture. “This truly is a family of professionals.” COLSA’s data scientists are eager spokespeople for the data science field and for all the future data scientists who will be joining them on the crest of this technological wave. To the incoming generation of data scientists, Elliott notes, “You will be making new discoveries that shape the future. Data is diverse. One day you can be analyzing medical data to save lives, another financial data to help the economy, and the week after anomalies in security logs to protect people.”

For some, like Godwin, the more challenging the problem, the more fascinating the solution.

“Having to apply prior knowledge to a new domain/problem is always interesting and a nice way to continue learning more about the strategies involved.”