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An Inclusive Workforce for the Future – COLSA’s HBCU Webinar

At COLSA, our company culture and family of professionals keeps an eye trained on the future. To continually develop our innovative solutions and services, we also keep an eye out for talent development and mentorship opportunities to build tomorrow’s inclusive workforce.

For these reasons, COLSA was recently chosen by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to lead a webinar discussion about career opportunities with members of historically Black colleges and universities. After a lengthy review and compliance process, COLSA was selected from among other government partners in the Southeast region to represent the best of what contractors had to offer.

For Morgan Garris, Talent Acquisition Partner for Cyber & Information Warfare Division, the opportunity was both an honor and an accomplishment. “The main focus was to put contractors in front of some of the HBCUs to allow us time to not only discuss our company but also to explain how students could apply to our positions.”

“Diversity of thought comes from a diverse background.”

Morgan Garris, Talent Acquisition Partner for Cyber & Information Warfare Division

Throughout the Q&A session, future data science programmers, STEM specialists, and other aspiring students were presented with COLSA’s people-first company culture.

“We also discussed internship opportunities and other questions that the school’s representatives brought forth,” said Garris.

Inclusivity not only strengthens a workforce by providing equal opportunity to all, but it also encourages a diversity of thought leading to new and better solutions.

“It is important for all companies to provide opportunities to anyone no matter how they identify or where they come from,” said Garris. “By making it a focus of our organization to reach out to these universities, not only are we making our company more diverse in thought, but we are also helping to bridge the gap and make sure that everyone has an opportunity.”

COLSA’s commitment to the world and the battlefield of tomorrow also means shaping the workforce for tomorrow. Being part of our family of professionals allows everyone an equal opportunity to grow and reach new heights.

“If we were only to hire the same type of person from the same school and background, we would always get the exact same answer,” explained Garris. “There would be no debate on whether or not there was a better way to do something. There would never be conversations that lead to the next great innovation. Diversity of thought comes from a diverse background.”

The way forward requires working together despite differences. At COLSA, inclusivity isn’t just a promise; it’s a practice.