Business Development

Doing Business With COLSA

Regardless of the global situation, COLSA values our small business partners and teammates. We believe that now more than ever, it’s increasingly important to keep the channels of communication open.

As a large business, we know that that it can be challenging to connect with companies when you don’t have direct contact information. If you are looking for a way to connect your business to COLSA and our Business Development Team, look no further. Below are a few ways to introduce your company or capabilities to our team.

1. Fill out the Contact Us Form on the Website
The easiest and quickest way to reach our Business Development Team is to complete the “contact us” form on our website. Yes, we do respond to these! Putting in a contact form allows us to forward your information to the best point of contact. Fill in the form with your preferred contact information and select Business Development from the COLSA Department dropdown. Tell us that you would like an introductory meeting, and our Communications and Outreach Specialist will reach out to you.

2. Reach out to us on LinkedIn
If you’re looking for a way to connect that is slightly more personable, feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn. Our Business Development team regularly uses this platform to network, communicate, and make business connections with our industry partners. We recommend reaching out to our Vice President of Business Development or our Business Development Communications and Outreach Specialist. Our Communications and Outreach Specialist works as the small business liaison within the Business Development team and is responsible for connecting and sharing your company’s capabilities with us.

Rob Harris
Vice President
Business Development

Victoria Anderson
Business Development
Communications & Outreach

3. Attend a Small Business Industry Day
Periodically throughout the year, we hold Small Business Industry Day events in various locations. We use these functions as a forum to cultivate relationships with the small business community, and any small business interested in doing business with us is welcome to attend. Follow us on social media or check back to our website often for announcements associated with these events.

As a large business, COSLA continues to place an emphasis and priority on building and developing relationships with our industry partners. We look forward to hearing from you soon!