Why COLSA Wednesday: Extended – Melissa Garber

Melissa Garber is one of any COLSA employees that work on our NASA HOSC Contract. Read on to hear why she came to COLSA and chose to stay every day.   

Q: What do you do for COLSA?   

A: I work at the Huntsville Operation Support Center (HOSC). This is a contract that COLSA has held for over ten years and provides support for many different spacecraft. Our largest customer within that contract is the International Space Station.   

Q: How did you start at COLSA?   

A: I have worked for numerous different companies over the years and even as a civil servant. Most of the work I did was DoD, specifically work for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). When I retired from civil service, I wanted a change. I found this position with COLSA at the HOSC and thought working for NASA was a fantastic idea.   

Q: Why do you stay at COLSA?   

A: One reason is my respect for our Chairman and Founder, Mr. Collazo. He created this company from nothing, and a lot of it was based on his pristine reputation and good name. I have been told many times throughout my career that if you get a handshake from Mr. Collazo, you don’t have to worry because he will deliver. That is the kind of integrity that I look for in an employer.   

Q: How would you describe the culture of COLSA?   

A: COLSA is very family–oriented. For example, we have a family picnic at Point Mallard in Decatur every year. Every COLSA employee brings their families, and it’s a chance to get to know your peers outside work. It creates those tight knight bonds that are hard to come by.