Business Development Culture

Director of Data Science: Jay Sebastian

This week at COLSA, we are highlighting our Data Science Department and would like to introduce you to our Director of Data Science- Mr. Jay Sebastian. 

Jay Sebastian

Before attending the United States Naval Academy, Jay enlisted in the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school. While overseas, he applied to the United States Naval Academy (USNA) and was appointed in 1996 to become a Midshipman after attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island. After graduating from USNA, Jay attended The Basic School in Quantico, VA, for basic infantry officer training, then was shipped off to Pensacola, FL for Flight School. There, he was trained to become an AH-1W Super Cobra pilot and continued to serve until he left the Marine Corps in 2009.  

Upon leaving the military, Jay entered the Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace Industry as a contractor and has held numerous roles leading highly technical teams focused on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence R&D, building AI-based solutions, and driving business growth. In 2019, he was hired at COLSA and promoted to Director of Data Science this past year.  

Outside the workplace, Jay is a father to three kids- Ben, Allison, and Hannah. He is also a devoted and loving husband to his wife, Michelle, and a Dog Dad to Stark. You can find Jay training for half-marathons during his free time, prepping for his course as an Adjunct Lecturer at UAH, or taking his Triumph motorcycle out for a ride.  

His employees describe him as “one of the best people they have ever met in the workplace” and someone who is “passionate, generous, and a genuinely good person.” They say he is one of the main reasons they love COLSA so much. Jay is someone that, no matter how busy he is, will take the time to have a quality and worthwhile conversation with you.  

The Data Science Division’s vision is straightforward: “Pioneering AI Solutions to the Nation’s Most Critical Challenges.” Jay plans to apply this vision to help grow his division and make sure that his department can tackle any problem.