COLSA’s Veteran Workforce Defines Service

Each year, hundreds of thousands of United States service members reenter civilian life. With the training, discipline, and ambition they received and honed throughout their service, these Veterans seek a new mission to match their exceptional skills.

At COLSA—a corporation founded by a 30-year Army veteran—we know the value Veterans add to the workforce. The grit, camaraderie, and ingenuity of former service members perfectly complements our own goal of providing the latest and most sophisticated engineering, data science, and information technology products and services to our government and commercial customers. 

At COLSA, we’re proud to say that more than a quarter of our of our team members are Veterans.

As the warfighter of today evolves to meet the battlefield of tomorrow, the technical expertise necessary to defend our nation enables Veterans to seek highly skilled STEM positions upon retirement. Our military partners appreciate the certain in-depth knowledge and mission-oriented thinking our veteran employees regularly demonstrate.

At COLSA, we value people, integrity, and teamwork above all else—values nearly identical to those demonstrated throughout the U.S. armed services.

We value our people by promoting effective and informative health and wellness programs and by championing a work-life balance fit for families. Like the military, COLSA encourages advancement and mentorship opportunities at every stage of employment, furthering both employee fulfillment and company success.

Integrity is a familiar concept to veterans. It was integrity that inspired so many to serve in the first place. We honor integrity at COLSA by advancing an ethical culture of respect and honesty between our customers and employees alike.

Teamwork is the true key for innovating solutions to unknown problems. By working together, our teams consider the most difficult technological issues of our day to arrive at a solution—less a “eureka” moment, and more an achievement of mutual dedication and hard work among a group of committed thinkers.

Military values and our values at COLSA mirror each other exceptionally. That’s why we’re so grateful to call more than a quarter of our workforce veterans.