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Why COLSA Wednesday: Extended- Morgan Garris

Prior to COLSA, Morgan Garris was in college pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management. While in school, she had the opportunity to intern with COLSA. It was here that she realized that COLSA was somewhere she could see herself long-term.

After her internship, Morgan applied to COLSA for a full-time position. She interviewed with the HR manager who wanted to know where she wanted to go in her career. She said that “I want to run the world one day” which did not scare anyone. “Even though my ambitions are so high, no one has ever tried to talk me out of it or tell me that I can’t. Instead, it’s been ‘what can we do to help you get there.’” Morgan mentions that everyone is always looking to provide projects to get you to the next step in your career. Although fresh out of college, she was given big tasks and the ability to make a greater impact which showed the amount of confidence COLSA had in her abilities.

When asked why she stays at COLSA, Morgan tells us that COLSA fosters growth and education. She enjoys finding new ways and tools for outreach within the company and is always encouraged to give things a try, even when it is something new and never utilized. “The management team never gives me a no but encourages me to try” new things. Morgan goes on to speak about the amount of faith that is put in the team, “we are all empowered to take our job by the horns and run with it” to figure out what would best benefit the team and the company.

COLSA goes above and beyond to show appreciation for the administration team. Morgan talks about the access you have to the CEO and VPs who come by and have conversations and care about your well-being. “All the interviews I ever took never match up to what I have at COLSA. From the flexibility, the leadership team, and the autonomy in my job, the family atmosphere is something special. The organization has built its culture around the willingness to help, which helps me put pride in my work”.