Why COLSA Wednesday: Extended – Wade Hawkins

Wade Hawkins

Six years ago, Wade Hawkins moved with his wife from Utah to Ohio so that he could start a new job with COLSA. After eight months in his first position, the need for a program manager position on one of COLSA’s contracts arose. Wade filled in temporarily but was officially promoted to the position within a few weeks.
Ever since he started with COLSA, Wade said that he genuinely loves his work and the trust that COLSA gives him to carry out his assigned duties. Since he also does not work at our headquarters in Huntsville, Wade has a unique view of the company’s culture. He said, “even though we are all geographically separated, you would not expect us to be as connected as we are.”
Wade is also a veteran of the armed forces and told us that his work at COLSA keeps him connected to his military background, which he values highly. He mentions that “most of us at COLSA are veterans, and that level of comradery that we share brings in a deep connection. To still be able to serve the military while out of uniform is a lot of fun; I feel like I would’ve lost a part of me if I stopped serving the military somehow.” his work at COLSA keeps him connected to his military background.