Business Development Culture

Why COLSA Wednesday

 Why COLSA Wednesday was created to show the potential new hire, customer, or everyday person who COLSA is on the inside. Read on to hear from Ryan Shu, Samantha Virray, and Morgan Garris about why they choose COLSA daily. 

Ryan Shu began his journey with COLSA as an intern for the Data Science department. After completing his graduate degree and internship, Ryan decided to stay at COLSA full-time because he enjoyed working in the defense industry and was interested in a company that provided a strong software focus.

Ryan says that during his internship he was given real tasks to complete which ultimately led to his professional development and growth. He enjoys being on a team that shares similar interests.

Samantha Virray started work at COLSA recently in the Business Development department working as an Intelligence Analyst. Coming from several years in the army as a military intelligence officer, it only made sense that her previous experiences were well-suited for the position. Already familiar with COLSA and some of the people who worked here, she was excited to join the company.

Samantha says that she really likes the intimate atmosphere that COLSA has although it is a large business. This allows for professional and personal relationships, and she feels supported in both.    

Morgan Garris has been with COLSA for several years, starting with the company right after interning here in college. In her position as a Talent Acquisition Partner, she has been able to work on projects that she says have helped develop her career. Although other opportunities presented themselves, Morgan says she stayed with COLSA because nothing else compared to the family and opportunities she has here.

She says COLSA goes above and beyond to show appreciation for her team and puts a lot of faith in them to find what benefits the company the most. The organization has built its culture around the willingness to help, which helps her put pride in her work.