Why COLSA Wednesday

Why COLSA Wednesday’s allow for the outside world to get a peek into what our Family of Professionals culture is really like. Read on to see why these three employees love COLSA.  

Haley Chapin started work at COLSA in our Proposal Department in the Fall of 2014, just a few short months after graduating from the University of Alabama. She had worked a brief internship before starting, but COLSA was her first career-level job. She says that when she started, it was a time when things were beginning to ramp up in the proposal world.  She was excited to be a part of something bigger than herself and help her new employer win new contracts.  

Haley says that she loves COLSA because the “culture of care is evident. People genuinely care about who they work with.” Everyone is willing to help you out and is always positive, two qualities that resonate with Haley. Aside from the culture of care at COLSA, she mentions there is another culture: one of growth and development. “No matter who you are, there will always be a clear path for growth and learning in your professional career at COLSA.”  

When Mackenzie Baker graduated from Athens State, she was referred to COLSA’s intern program by her school advisor. After a short internship, she started full-time in purchasing department. Mackenzie loved working in both the purchasing and pricing departments. Still, when she was offered to move into the Proposals department, she was excited to try something new. She says that “COLSA allowed [her] to grow and try something new.” 

The family-based culture is what resonates with Mackenzie. She tells us that “no matter how big [COLSA will get, we] will always be a family.” She says that the Family of Professionals atmosphere is apparent in the culture of COLSA and that you can see it in everyone who works for us.  

Mackenzie also touched on how the Association of COLSA Employees (ACE) is a large part of why she loves working for the company. “As Treasurer for ACE, I get to work with employees at each of our regional offices, and I get to know everyone.”  

When Tammy DeWeese graduated from Montevallo University, she started in the insurance industry. After a few years there, she and her husband decided to move back to their hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Tammy had grown up in the greater Huntsville area and loved it. She describes Huntsville as “one of those cities that you always try to find your way back to.”  

After moving back to the area, Tammy was referred to work at COLSA by an old high school friend. She wanted to try something new, and there was conveniently a proposal writing position that had just posted – something that was perfect for the English major. After her interview with COLSA, Tammy knew she was in the right place. “I knew right then and there that I wanted the job.” She told us.  

Since being hired in 2012, Tammy has loved working for COLSA. She says she “loves the team aspect, fast-paced and creative environment, and the fact that we’re doing important work.” The proposal department has been a perfect fit for her and she loves that no matter who you are or what department you’re in, “everyone will always pull together to achieve the end goal.”