Parents at COLSA

We are celebrating Parents Day by interviewing a few of our own Family of Professional Parents. Read on to learn how COLSA supports parents throughout their career.  

Marcia Flatau is one of our long-time COLSA employees. She has risen to be a great leader within the Navy and COLSA but is also an amazing mother to four children. She says that “COLSA has supported her by allowing her to work a part-time schedule.” When Marcia started at COLSA, her youngest was four and just starting pre-school. “COLSA worked with me and my customer to find a schedule that allowed me to drop off and pick up my son at school and attend the important after school activities for my three older children” Because of the flexibility that COLSA has given Marcia, she has been a Room Mom, Band Mom, attend field trips, and get her children to and from sports.” She says this is all “because COLSA was flexible and willing to work to find a schedule that met all of my needs” 

Renee Harris is one of our Executive Admins. Outside of assisting our VPs and volunteering with ACE, she is mother of three. She states that she is “forever grateful that the vision of COLSA is family friendly.”  The Family of Professionals motto goes beyond employees to Renee, it applies to families as well. She goes on to tell us that “while we all work daily to support COLSA’s mission, the leadership understands the importance of a work – life balance.”  

James Carver is one of our Business Development capture managers, but at home he is a devoted father. Though James is new to COLSA, he knows the culture of the company well. He says that if he had to make a choice between family and work, he knows what the leadership would tell him to do. “COLSA Leadership will tell you without any hesitation to go be with your family.” 

Jay Sebastian is our Director of Data Science but is also a father to three children – Hannah, Allison, and Ben. He says the “Family of Professionals motto extends beyond employees and includes our families at home.” While being a father to three, COLSA has allowed Jay to have a flexible schedule so that he hasn’t had to miss important milestones in his children’s lives. “COLSA has always given me the flexibility I need to attend events from elementary school awards through college move-in day, and everything in between. This is one of the many reasons I love calling COLSA ‘home.'”