COLSA Wellness: What We’re Doing to promote a Happy and Healthy Workforce

Mental and physical well-being are two topics that are continuously circulating in today’s world, and people want companies to be aware of the demands that these topics call for. COLSA Wellness is our mental and physical initiative that aims to encourage wellness, promote awareness and support preventative care by offering many opportunities and benefits to help all employees and their families lead healthy balanced lives.    

COLSA Wellness is aware of the growing concern for mental health. The goal is that through our Wellness Program, employees will have a better work-life balance and a positive support system at work. COLSA Wellness wants to “empower employees with the resources, incentives, and flexibility they need to be successful on the job and in their personal life.” Wellness Specialist, Aran Lang, told us. COLSA recognizes that when an employee is not focused on their mental health, it has the potential to affect many aspects of their life.  

 Initiatives that COLSA Wellness has pushed out include a variety of activities. We share various resources, education, and training for mental health to create awareness. COLSA also partners with Behavioral Health Systems (BHS), providing employees with multiple care options. We partner with outside resources, and our EAP offers several services.  

For physical well-being, there have been many programs from company sports teams to our ongoing wellness program that rewards employees for tracking their health, education, fitness, healthy habits, and wellness activities. Our physical well-being initiatives include programs such as our new Tobacco Cessation Program.   

 COLSA strives to create a happy and healthy workforce with our Wellness Program. The goal is to help “all employees and their families lead healthy, balanced lives.” We plan to grow this program even further in the coming years.