Why COLSA Wednesday: Extended with Dr. Samamtha Zambo

Dr. Samamtha Zambo is one of many employees that love COLSA and what it has given her. Keep reading to hear why she sees COLSA not just as a Family of Professionals but also as a Family of Acceptance.   

Q: What brought you to COLSA?  

A: I graduated last year with a Ph.D. in computational science with an emphasis in computer science. Once I graduated, I started looking for jobs in kind of a lazy way; I just wanted to see what was out there. I realized that the market was hot for people in my field and came across DoD contracting. I knew a bit about it due to a previous internship I had. I looked through all my opportunities and found an interest in COLSA. My interview was like magic; there was amazing chemistry between me and everyone I talked to. I got the feeling that this was the fit for me. The diversity and uniqueness of the people I spoke with drew me in; it made me feel like this was a healthy workplace.   

Q: What would you say the culture is like at COLSA?   

A: When I interviewed with COLSA, I thought this had to be too good to be true. Government contracting is male-dominated, and I was nervous about coming in. But everything I learned about COLSA during the interview was true. The company is diverse and inclusive, not just culturally but mentally diverse as well. There are a wide variety of personalities, and that is so exciting.   

Q: Why do you stay at COLSA?   

A: Because it’s a family of acceptance. In this field, it’s easy to be judged and not understood. But, with COLSA, everyone is patient, listens, and understands that there is so much more to a person than the outer layer. Being patient and understanding that people can be different makes me stay.   

Q: What is something you want the world to know about COLSA?   

A: I get asked all the time by new students, seasoned professionals, and people in general, “how does one be ok? Why am I unhappy?” After listening, I always ask, “have you found your people? Find your kind, and you’ll find happiness. There’s nothing wrong with you; you’re just not where you belong.” Many people, especially us neurodivergent and atypical people in general, struggle with making ourselves fit into a world or mold not made for us. We don’t see it or understand it until we find acceptance. Everyone is looking for their place in this world. COLSA offered that to me. I found my people, my kind; we’re quirky, unique, and beautiful; a symphony of personalities: a faithful, loving, accepting, and patient family.