Why COLSA Wednesday

Why COLSA Wednesday aims to show the world who COLSA is on the inside. In this article, you will hear from three employees: Stacy Bush, Omar Aponte-Rivera, and Dr. Samantha Garber.   

Stacy Bush worked for COLSA for a few years until she found an opportunity to grow elsewhere. COLSA, always putting the well-being of its employees overall, supported her in this transition to her new career. While at a different company, Stacy kept in contact with all her former COLSA coworkers. COLSA never abandoned her and was there when she realized that this was the company that was her perfect fit.   

Stacy returned to COLSA in May of 2022 as the Deputy PM for the S3E contract. She says that COLSA is her perfect fit and that they have always allowed her to grow. The company wants you to grow not just professionally but personally as well. She describes the people as easygoing and always willing to lend a helping hand.   

When Omar Aponte-Rivera came to COLSA, he had been in a managing and computer analyst role for over fifteen years. But he realized he wanted to get back into the technical side of computers and be more hands-on. After looking around, Omar was recruited to work on the High Performing Computer team and has loved his job ever since.  

Omar says he often tries to recruit for COLSA; when he does, he never has to paint a picture. He states the facts of how unique the culture is at COLSA. From the managers to how much your fellow employees care about you, Omar says that COLSA is a fantastic workplace.   

Dr. Samantha Zambo came to us last year after completing her Ph.D. in computational science. She was looking for jobs and came across COLSA in her search. She says that her interview was like magic; she knew then and there that she was in the right place.   

Sam says that it’s often hard to come into a field like this being someone who is neurodivergent. She talked to us about the judgment and criticism she has received in the past. But, at COLSA, there has never been a moment where Sam has been judged based on who she is. She says that COLSA is not just a Family of Professionals but a family of acceptance as well.